Our Parts

All of our materials are sourced domestically from US Companies. This is important from a material quality standpoint as well as supporting the US economy and American jobs. Politicians like to talk about how many jobs they create however, the only people who can create jobs are people who make buying decisions. Join KMS in our commitment to make buying decisions that benefit Americans.

This collection illustrates a range of features and materials. Included are examples of turning work, 3 and 4 axis milling work. Some parts require a coordinated effort that includes conventional machining methods combined with other services offered by KMS like wire/sinker EDM, gundrilling (holes with length over 7x’s diameter), honing, grinding, AFM (abrasive flow machining), plating, polishing, laser drilling, heat and cryogenic treatments.

Many of the parts we produce can’t be displayed on our website due to Non-Disclosure Agreements. So whether you are in product development, electronics manufacturing, industrial equipment, medical, or defense give us a call and let us show you how Kinetic can help you.