People Make the Difference

Founded in 1993, Kinetic Machining Services began building a reputation for producing high quality components delivered as promised. This has been the guiding principle that has enable KMS to weather the ups and downs of the manufacturing world. While this is not a new or complex business concept it can often be difficult to find manufacturers that understand and maintain a commitment to this guiding principle. KMS has kept these principals in focus while maintaining fair and sustainable pricing. Our demanding clientele know first hand the value we bring to the table time and time again. If your order does not show up on time and in print then all of the certifications, state of the art equipment, and low price guarantees mean nothing.

Our machines are late model CNC, expertly maintained to ensure our ability to work inside of very tight tolerances. Our workspace is clean, well lit, and climate controlled. Visitors often comment on the “lab like” environment having no resemblance to a typical machine shop. State of the art machine tools are essential to the quality of our services however, these machines can’t make your parts. More to the point, no machine can make parts… people make parts.

At Kinetic, our people are machinists; not machine operators. It is these machinists that are our most valuable asset, and the reason we continually invest in elevating their skills and quality of life. The result is a staff that is motivated and empowered to realize the full potential of high quality machine tools and equipment.

Our track record includes expertise in a wide range of materials, and while the lion's share of our current production work is with high purity stainless steel, we pride ourselves on our ability to work in just about any material you can imagine. Each type of material presents it’s own challenges requiring a proven, systematic approach for success. Our exceptional quality record with complete traceability is the result of thorough monitoring and documentation of production details.