Industries We Serve

Aerospace and Defense • Bio-Tech • Consumer Products • Electronic Components • Industrial Components • Medical • Media • Mold, Tool & Die • Sound Components • Semiconductor

Services We Offer

4-Axis Machining • 2-Axis Turning • Prototype to Production • Research & Development • Manual Milling & Turning • CNC milling to 20" x 40" • CNC turning from .01" to 15" • Gun Drilling • Elec Discharge, Sink • Elec Discharge, Wire • Machining of Castings • Screw • Swiss

The “No Bid”

The two words that no buyer wants to hear. But there are many reasons a shop will “no bid” a prospective job. It could be that the shop does not have the capacity, skills, equipment or motivation to take on new or challenging work.

At Kinetic, when a customer has had the “no bid” response, we'll review the RFQ to look for specific reasons other shops may not have bid the job. In some cases the no bids are earned by features that were drawn without regard to how it will be machined, or include tolerances that are extremely tight. After identifying the reasons for your “no bid”, we can consult with the designer or engineer to make sure that what they are specifying is, in fact, necessary and/or offer some alternatives.

Many larger companies will see a problematic feature or tolerance, and reply with the “no bid”, moving on to the next RFQ. While we try very hard to stay out of the design business, we will assist designers or engineers in how certain features are created, or simply advise on the manufacturability of a particular design. We look forward to these challenges and thrive on the problem solving aspect. Our vast network of trusted vendors and specialty job shops allows us to think outside our walls when putting a strategy together for accomplishing complex parts or features.